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Ami’s TV debut

Singer Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest of yesterday’s show „Hommik Anuga”, where she also brought her daughter Ami (3), who sang a song „Õnnega koos” with her mommy and bravely answered host’s questions. Lenna recently released a new single „Õnnega koos”, music to which was composed by her partner Robert Vaigla, and lyrics were written […]

Lenna Kuurmaa


It is pretty unexpected, but true – a legendary punk rock band Vennaskond, led by Tõnu Trubetsky, and a beloved pop singer Lenna Kuurmaa are joining forces for an extraordinary Christmas tour! The band will temporarily change their name to Lennaskond, as both the group and the singer will learn to perform each other’s songs. […]

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Lenna: Ending co-operation with David Brandes was a bad move for Vanilla Ninja

A few days ago, Estonian Kanal 2 displayed the first episode of a two-part study „Eesti staarid suure läbimurde ootel”, in which the former Vanilla Ninja vocalist, Lenna Kuurmaa, admitted that ending the co-operation with producer David Brandes was a bad move for the band. We were very well taken care of after all. We […]