R2 Aastahitt 2010 and Elmar Aastahitt 2010

Raadio 2 Aastahitt 2010 is already over. Now we can present you the results that had been announced on January 5th 2011, during the Aastahitt gala. 4 of Lenna’s songs had found their place in this chart:

8. Lenna Kuurmaa – Rapunzel (358 votes)
9. Ott Lepland & Lenna Kuurmaa – Sinuni (309 votes)
24. Lenna Kuurmaa – Kogu Tõde Jüriööst (149 votes)
27. Lenna Kuurmaa – Mida Sa Teed (131 votes)

The winner this year was Koit Toome with his song Mälestused. It’s his second Aastahitt victory in a row – in 2009 he had won it with his track Kaugele Siit.


Lenna Kuurmaa – Interview for Delfi TV

Õhtuleht – Stars talking about Koit Toome’s victory – Piret Järvis and Kallervo Karu (2:54)

ETV – The whole Aastahitt 2010 gala played by ETV

Photos: Kroonika, Õhtuleht, Elu24, Delfi

Also Lenna and Ott’s Lepland song Sinuni got to the 2nd place in Raadio Elmar Aastahitt 2010 with 719 votes. Congratulations for everyone who succeeded in both charts.

by Zuzia

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