Vanilla Ninja Board and Vanilla Ninja Media are back

We have some more good news for you! After moving “Love Ninjas” fansite from to address, our forums have been closed for some time.

The wait is now over. You can find updated Vanilla Ninja Board by typing into your web browser. All login information was moved from old to, so if you remember your User Name and Password you should be able to log in without any problems. If otherwise, you can send a reminder to your e-mail address and/or check your Username in “Memberlist” tab in the menu.

Vanilla Ninja Media forum is back either. It was fully updated and given a brand new design. Just like Vanilla Ninja Board, this forum was also transferred from to On this special occasion of Vanilla Ninja Media renewal we promise you some surprises. Furthermore, if Vanilla Ninja will be active again, some more unexpected things can await you.

As always, we would like to say thank you to our permanent designer samary1175 (Rosi) for creating header images.

Click on the images given below to visit the updated forums.

Vanilla Ninja Board

Vanilla Ninja Media

by Dan (VN-LT-fan)

The quiet/passive worker- doing most of behind the scenes website stuff: website design, hosting and programming. The legends say that in past he was an active news writer and the main admin of the Forum. :D Music addict / pizza lover / left-handed / programmer / freelancer / grumpy / weird / fun / awkward / geek