5 thoughts on “Piret training for marathon

  1. Pavel Pernikau says:

    IMHO, this training is a part from promotional and marketing company Estonian department Adidas: firstly Facebook contest with choice clothing for Piret, in secondly himself night run, now this video.
    I doubt, that Piret can made run on 42,195m, but she can more realistic run a half marathon.

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  2. liberateme says:

    She seems to be tired of life…
    Pired used to look like a princess 10 years ago…and now? She is still pretty,but where is the smile? Where is her charm?:p

    Katrin and Lenna are still the same…that’s a shame I cannot say the same about Piret..but I still love her and wish her all the best in life!

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  3. Annchy says:

    I was thinking Piret looks quite different from before too. Not that I mean to criticize her, for example her eyes are so amazing to me, I’m just surprised her face could change like that in the last couple of years.

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  4. liberateme says:

    Annchy – You are right…she is ony 30 but looks like 50 years old woman. She is exhausted but I am not surprised. She has experienced some bad experience recenty…..new man…new life.

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