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The new Love Ninjas

Everything started back in September of 2004, when the first iteration of “Love Ninjas” came up to the world wide web. Today our website is 11 years old! Throughout the years it has had many iterations. In the past there had been “Vanilla Ninja Corner”. After that it was “NinjaDaily” and “Vanilla Ninja Daily”. In 2008 it […]

Vanilla Ninja’s and Katrin’s message to fans

Today Vanilla Ninja posted a new statement concerning Pestivals on their official Facebook page. To all affected fans for Pestivals show Cancellation: We published some days ago with dissapoinment the announcement that we were forced to cancel the show at Pestivals on July 28th in Riga, Latvia. We knew that many fans would be truly […]

IMPORTANT. Pestivals & Vanilla Ninja performance.

  Katrin Siska’s message she wrote us: [..] We are sooooooo sad!!!! We feel terribly bad because of what happened with Pestivals. In the beginning of this year we refused from all the other shows for this summer and Pestivals was the only huge Vanilla Ninja concert-show planned this year in whole Europe after 3-year […]