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Journalist Piret Järvis is getting ready for the „Ööjooks” (night run) in Rakvere, and top runners Lily, Liina and Leila Luik are helping her with that. I really like the fact that the professionals are guiding me. Until now, I have been just jogging, but I’ve never known if I had been doing it right […]

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Piret’s new love

Television star Piret Järvis has had her ups and downs with her fiancé, drummer Kallervo Karu, but now their relationship finally came to the end and supposedly Piret has found a new partner, according to Kroonika. Basing on the gossip magazine’s data, Piret Järvis exchanged her drummer-partner for a vocalist. Her new love is the […]

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Piret at Rock Summer 25

On June 14th 2013 Piret Järvis and Jüri Muttika were guests of ETV’s breakfast program “Terevisioon” . They spoke mostly about the festival Rock Summer 25 that was to start on June 15th 2013. Heidy and me are interviewing famous and wonderful people while Muttika is reporting. – Piret explained the division of duties. Terevisioon’s […]

Katrin Siska

Speculations about Katrin’s job

At the end of last week an information that the ex-Ninja and present Lindakivi Keskus director Katrin Siska was going on a maternity leave took over the Estonian media. The magazine “Naised” speculates that besides of the ticking biological clock also the local elections that will take place soon excercise the mind of rationally calculating […]

Katrin Siska

Katrin is pregnant!

On March 14th 2013 the public knowledge was enriched with the information that additionally to Lenna Kuurmaa who recently became a mother of a daughter another ex- ninja – a director of Lindakivi Keskus, Katrin Siska, is expecting a baby. A few months ago when the magazine „Naised” asked Katrin about having a baby the […]