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Documentary about Dukha tribe

One of Lenna’s co-travelers during her 2-week-long trip to Mongolia was Vahur Laiapea, a well-known Estonian documentalist. He recorded a full-time documentary about the whole expedition and the Dukha tribe, in order to bring the subject of those extraordinary people closer to Estonians. However, the release of such movie is a costly undertaking, and so […]

Ami’s TV debut

Singer Lenna Kuurmaa was a guest of yesterday’s show „Hommik Anuga”, where she also brought her daughter Ami (3), who sang a song „Õnnega koos” with her mommy and bravely answered host’s questions. Lenna recently released a new single „Õnnega koos”, music to which was composed by her partner Robert Vaigla, and lyrics were written […]

Why did Lenna decide to travel to Mongolia?

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Singer Lenna Kuurmaa, radio host Ingrid Peek and musician and presenter Roy Strider spoke in a show „Hommik Anuga” about their trip to Mongolian taiga, where for two weeks they had been getting to know an ancient, almost extinct Dukha tribe. Anu Välba asked Lenna how, next to her two little daughters and work, had […]