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Lenna’s interview for Raadio Elmar

Last month Raadio Elmar did a short phone-interview with Lenna, during which she spoke mostly about her and Karl-Erik Taukar’s Christmas tour. Raadio Elmar’s listeners got to know how the idea of the co-operation between those two had been born, what songs were to be performed throughout the tour, and what musicians would join Lenna and […]

Lenna’s interview for Laupäevaleht

In her latest interview for Laupäevaleht, Lenna Kuurmaa spoke about Christmas atmosphere, tour plans, and also her reaction to the recent anxious daily news, as well as her view on the subject of upcoming elections. Together with my whole family we have obviously been following news and events from around the world. Bad news do not bypass you after all. Sometimes […]

Lenna’s interview for Castanet

Two months ago Bruce Atkinson did a Moonland-themed interview with Lenna Kuurmaa for a Canadian website Castanet. Read it below to find some more information about Lenna’s input in the Moonland project, Vanilla Ninja and a few other interesting aspects. If you read my interview with the President of Frontiers Records, you will recall that […]

Totaalne Ärkamine

A week ago Lenna was a guest on Raadio Uuno’s morning show “Totaalne Ärkamine” (eng. Total Awakening). It was her first radio interview after a really long time, if phone interviews are left out of consideration. Among other things Lenna spoke about: Her present activities – after being asked what was she up to these […]

“The birth of Ami has only changed me for the better”

Last week ETV aired the show “Tõuse ja sära”, which was their first program from the series “Saatejuhtide vahetus” (eng. “Hosts exchange”). Among the show’s guests there was Lenna Kuurmaa, whom Andres Kuusk got to ask about how she managed to reconcile her career with raising up a child, how her latest project had come […]

Lenna about Moonland’s first album

A rock album “Moonland featuring Lenna Kuurmaa”, released by the well-known Italian record label Frontiers Records, had entered the European market a week ago. Soon after, the album, that includes a dozen of English-language, melodic rock songs recorded in Milan, reached shop shelves in North America and Japan. Frontiers Records, which most recent releases include […]

Tõuse ja sära

On Sunday, September 21st 2014, this season’s first episode of the Estonian show “Tõuse ja sära” will be aired on ETV at 9 o’clock. Lenna Kuurmaa not only performs there with her band, but she is also interviewed by Andres Kuusk, who became show’s host just for this one episode because of ETV’s action “Saatejuhtide vahetus” (eng. […]