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Back to the past II

Thanks to Suurprobleem we can now watch next rare video of Vanilla Ninja performing in their early years on Estonian Music Awards 2003 gala. Watch this marvelous show they had made, below. As we noticed, you had liked the previous “Back to the past” video, so we will continue with that and post interesting & […]


Ninjaportaal asked Ninjas how they would spend the Midsummer day and holidays. Lenna said “Summer will be rather busy for me (3 concert tours and works on the new CD), but it’s fine. There’s nothing better than travelling around the beautiful, sunny Estonia and playing concerts. I have a free day on Midsummer day and […]


From January 1st 2011 Estonia is a member of the Eurozone. That’s a big achievement for such a little country, especially because Estonia was the only country that joined the Eurozone this year. Estonian kroons had been withdrawn from use and replaced with European Union’s currency on the same day as the beginning of the […]