On the recently popular music service Last.fm we can find the most listened tracks by users of this page.

The top 10 for Vanilla Ninja:

1. Cool Vibes
2. Tough Enough
3. Liar
4. Kingdom Burning Down
5. When the Indians Cry
6. Blue Tattoo
7. Dangerzone (counting normal and Longer version gives this place)
8. Black Symphony
9. I Know
10. Rockstarz

For the full top 100 charts visit the page here.

The most similar artists to Vanilla Ninja according to Last.fm users:

1. Marya Roxx (ex-VN)
2. Hanna Pakarinen (Finnish Eurovision 2007 representative)
3. Tiktak (Finnish pop-rock girl band)
4. Ana Johnsson (Swedish pop-rock singer)
5. LaFee (German pop-rock singer)
6. Gracia (German singer)
7. Łzy (Polish rock group)
8. Roxette
9. Terminaator (Estonian rock band)
10. The Veronicas

Full list here.

Last Update: October 2008

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