In the middle of 2004, Tom started to create his first serious website. Finding himself a Vanilla Ninja fan and without a proper Polish website he decided to give it a go and start his own web page. That very simple website lasted for a few months until Yo-Tomek found it while he was online. He decided to help with translations and then he joined the site permanently. In 2005 we received help from a graphic designer and decided to call our website “Vanilla Ninja Corner”. Later we thought that having only one language was not enough, which made us decide to open an English version. At that time we also used to have a Spanish, German, Estonian and even a Turkish version of the website. There has never been a website for Vanilla Ninja which was maintained 6 languages. 2006 was a time for some new changes – new album, new label. We decided to change the website’s name to “Ninjatown”(If I remember well, one of VN girls actually named it, as Yo-Tomek has asked them for advice) We easily became one of the most popular websites about VN. Back in 2007, we again changed the web name to “Vanilla Ninja Daily”. Because the activity of girls was moderate, we took a break for a few months. In the second half of 2007 we came back with a new website called “Love Ninjas”. The crew of Tom and Yo-Tomek was joined by Barshy and Daniel from the website NinjaCorner. The union was successful because NinjaCorner was a website in English and we also wanted to have ours in this language. Later we updated the website with our own Forum Board and Media Board.

Love Ninjas is at the moment the most popular Vanilla Ninja website in English. Thanks to our visitors who inspire us to get better so we can provide you with daily news from the girls. From time to time you can find exclusive messages from the Ninjas or people related to them. So far with this website we have been the most successful – we have an advert of Vanilla Ninja showing the signed website logo (we used to have it with Ninjatown as well) and we were credited a few times in important Estonian media such as Õhtuleht magazine (1234), Kroonika (1) and others. But still our biggest achievement was that we helped Broken Records International to contact Vanilla Ninja and that let them ask the girls to go to Chile for the Vina Festival. Of course they won the prize there and what makes us even more proud was that we could be a part of Vanilla Ninja history. And the history still goes on…

You might remember our past website looks: