Richard Alfred Gregory is a Chihuahua that belongs to Kati.
At first, Katrin had many doubts whether to get a dog – she used to be abroad most of the time. The idea came up after the trip to Japan – she and the girls saw some brochures with Chihuahuas on it. They joked that they should all get a dog like that. She went to Germany and could not stop thinking of these dogs, she wanted one so much. Finally, some day when she came back to Estonia from a trip, in Summer of 2005, she and her mother decided to buy a dog. Richard is very joyful, sociable and loves to play. “When I come home he makes me feel better and he gives me energy” admitted Katrin. He never disturbs her when she has to do her own things. When they drive together in the car, he loves to sleep. His best friends included Katrin’s cat Felix! How does Richie travel with Kati?
“I don’t take him with me too often. Rather, it’s a must to ask my parents to look after him. I always leave him to them. But they have already been through it all and my father even cried. A dog does not want to travel, and in particular, it is pretty expensive – the hotel and flights. At the same time, he does not want to be alone” said Katrin. Richie is very picky and sometimes egoistic! Katrin despises celebrities who use dogs as a decoration. “I personally hate when someone thinks that I have Richie as a decoration. I only take him out with me when there’s nobody for him to stay with it at home” said Katrin.
In the past, Katrin also used to have a Caucasian Shepherd Dog and a Boxer.

Mr. Grey
Katrin’s parrot, Mr. Grey (also called Yasha and Popka Grey), originates from Africa. Katrin’s mom, Leena, bought him for her for Valentine’s Day. He is not a very talkative one. He makes a lot of noise, though. Her parrot screams and imitates sounds of other birds or cartoon movies. And he meows like a cat! At first he was very greedy but later he became more friendly. Katrin’s dad even taught him to welcome the guests. This is not an usual parrot – he loves ice cream! His favourite ice cream is of course the Vanilla Ninja one 🙂

For her sixth birthday, her father Toomas got Katrin a cute Persian cat called “Felix”. This animal was very close to Katrin’s heart. “I had a cat that always, when I was sick, came to me and walked around and put his head on me.” said Katrin. When she was abroad she missed him a lot. She even called him her best friend! Unfortunately, the cat got sick and in April of 2006 it died (aged 22!).

Another animal that lives with Siska family is a small white-brown coloured rabbit. It likes to play with Richie!

Juss is a big black and white coloured cat. It is twice as big as Richie! This animal, however, doesn’t live in peace with Richie like Felix did. The dog likes to tease Juss and eats its’ food!

Lenna’s first dog is a Labrador called “Ninja”. He is 5 years old. The story of how she got him is very simple. Once, Lenna went to a friend’s house whose dog was having newborn puppies. She immediately fell in love with them! And a lucky one was picked up by her. Ninja is a fan of water. Whenever they go to the beach, they swim together in the sea. When Lenna got Ninja, she was living in an apartment and it was quite difficult at first. Everything became easier when the family moved into a house near the forest. “He is always happy with us, but I am sure that the opportunity to run around in the wild made him happier”said Lenna. What happens when she goes abroad? Lenna doesn’t want to traumatise him by putting him through a long flight. “Of course, I want to have my dog with me, but it is good there, where he is – at home” she adds.

The second dog of Lenna is a Bull Terrier called “Gibson”. He was named after the company that sells guitars! The singer got it as a baby when she was moving to a new apartment in 2007.

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