Katrin Siska

Katrin was the first one out of the girls to get a tattoo. It is a dragon which is on her lower back. She had it done in 2002 and was present when they shot the music video for “Nagu Rockstaar”. In 2005 Katrin got another tattoo on her right outer lower leg. This tattoo is of her favourite animal, a tiger. She had it originally done in black and white but got it coloured later on.

Lenna Kuurmaa

In 2005 Lenna got her first tattoo on her left outer lower leg. It is of a fairy in black. Later on she had the wings coloured red and her life motto placed around the fairy in English. It reads: “Those who know what they want can win.” Lenna once said about her tattoo: “I believe in fairies and I love this tattoo.”

Piret Järvis

In 2008 Piret got her first tattoo. It is very discreet – you can hardly see it because it’s always hidden under her hair. It is a thin black circle on the back of her neck representing her engagement to Kallervo Karu. Click on the first picture for a larger version. Piret’s fiancé has a matching tattoo on his inner wrist. (second picture)

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